General terms and conditions for the use of the E-Tracker service

  1. General
    1. The terms and conditions as described below apply to the E-Tracker service offered by Transuniverse Group NV (Transuniverse), Industrieweg 118, 9032 Wondelgem, recorded in the register of legal entities under number 0890.807.319.
  2. Scope
    1. The terms and conditions apply to all customers who make use of the E-Tracker service as offered by Transuniverse.
    2. These terms and conditions come into effect on the date stated above.
    3. By making use of the E-Tracker service, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions as described in this document. The customer accepts them without any reservation.
    4. Transuniverse’s general terms and conditions of sale are applicable at all times to consignments for which the E-Tracker service is used. The customer’s general terms and conditions cannot be declared applicable.
    5. Derogations from the general terms and conditions are only possible if Transuniverse gives its explicit written consent to them.
  3. Subject
    1. The aim of the E-Tracker service is to offer Transuniverse’s customers the opportunity to call up information about the delivery status of certain consignments using a Track ID. The Track ID enables Transuniverse to trace the consignments. In this way, Transuniverse can provide information about the status of consignments when this information is available.
    2. The E-Tracker service informs the customer of the delivery status of consignments entrusted to Transuniverse.
  4. Cost price
    1. Transuniverse provides the E-Tracker service free of charge.
    2. The following costs are to be paid for by the customer:
      1. IT material
      2. Internet connection.
  5. Use
    1. The E-Tracker service is accessible at the following URL: http://e-tracker.transuniverse.be
    2. The E-Tracker service is available in the following languages:
      1. Dutch
      2. English
      3. French
  6. Instructions for use
    1. The customer goes to http://e-tracker.transuniverse.be
    2. The customer selects the desired language.
    3. The customer enters the Track ID of the consignment in question.
    4. If the consignment is found, the customer has access to the consignment’s status and history. If the information about the consignment is not available, or not yet, this information will also be provided.
    5. The customer can get help with any questions or problems on the FAQ page.
    6. It is also possible for the customer to receive an URL providing direct access to the consignment in the event of an order confirmation or shipment departure notice.
  7. Restrictions
    1. Delivery can never be cancelled or interrupted by the customer using the E-Tracker service.
    2. The E-Tracker service is only to be used for the customer’s own consignments.
    3. The customer accepts that the E-Tracker service must not be used for illegal purposes. Access to the website must not be restricted and no damage must be caused through the use of the E-Tracker service.
    4. The E-Tracker service must not be used to spread viruses.
    5. The E-Tracker service must not be used to spread damaging or illegal information.
    6. The list of limitations above is not exhaustive.
  8. Approval and acceptance
    1. Transuniverse cannot be held liable for any type of damage whatsoever that is alleged to have been caused by use of the E-Tracker service (except in the event of fraud) or damage that is alleged to have been caused through (temporary) unavailability of the service. In the event that Transuniverse is nonetheless held liable for possible direct damage, the amount cannot exceed the maximum damage amount stated in Transuniverse’s general terms and conditions of sale.
    2. The customer declares and acknowledges through use of the E-Tracker service that the data offered is for informative purposes only. The customer also confirms that it shall waive the filing of complaints or claims that are based on incomplete or incorrect information or information obtained late.
    3. Under no circumstances can the information offered by Transuniverse through the E-Tracker service be used as evidence.
  9. Intellectual property
    1. Transuniverse is the owner of all intellectual property rights to the website, the content, form and design of the E-Tracker service. This list is not exhaustive.
    2. It is forbidden to copy, adapt, translate, process, publicise, distribute or change the entire website or part of it, or similar elements, in any form and any manner whatsoever, except with Transuniverse’s advance written consent.
    3. Inappropriate use of the entire website or part of it may lead to prosecution in accordance with the applicable laws.
  10. Competence
    1. The competent courts of the peace, courts and tribunals of the place where Transuniverse’s registered office is located, in accordance with the law and substantive law, have exclusive territorial competence to hear disputes arising from these general terms and conditions. This is without prejudice to Transuniverse’s right, according to its own judgement, to opt to seek redress before the territorially competent court under common law.
  11. Applicable law
    1. These general terms and conditions are subject to Belgian law.
  12. Invalidity - nullity of contradictory clauses
    1. If one or more stipulations of these general terms and conditions do not apply, for whatever reason, the remaining conditions shall nonetheless continue to apply. If Transuniverse does not invoke the stipulations of these conditions in certain cases, that does not mean that it has waived the right to invoke these conditions in another case.
  13. Changes to the general terms and conditions
    1. Transuniverse can change the general terms and conditions at any time.
    2. The amended general terms and conditions apply with immediate effect.
  14. Contact
    1. If the customer wishes to receive more information, they can email info@transuniverse.be or phone 0032 9 253 51 00.